Technique Retreat

Technique Retreat
Web & Mobile Training Camp
Manchester. March 18 & 19. 2011

What is Technique?

Technique takes a fresh approach to training and development for digital designers and developers.

The Technique Retreat is a unique event - its not a conference or a training course, but a training camp based around hands-on technical workshops from some internationally-renowned designers and developers.

Get hands-on

More intimate and in-depth than a conference, and more dynamic than traditional training, Technique is all about practical, hands-on training, ensuring that you maximise your time learning from practicing experts as well as each other.

Small, in-depth workshops, led by leading international developers, let you really get to grips with subject. You'll improve your technical skills, share skills, explore emerging technologies and develop new approaches to web, app and mobile development.

Delivered by experts...

We work with leading international designers and developers to ensure that hard learning is combined with tips, tricks and approaches from the front-line of web and mobile development. Not only that, you'll be able to swap best practice and approaches with the rest of the group.

If you're a designer or developer working with web, apps or mobile, then Technique is for you

User-Generated training...

We work in collaboration with designers, developers and agencies to design and deliver compelling and relevant training that responds directly to the needs of the digital industries.